white mountains

Mt Washington - again

This time we took some friends up to Mt Washington. It was their first ‘big’ hike, so it was great seeing them experiencing it. We got a little bit of rain towards the end, but hardly even worth putting on a rain coat. Trail on alltrails.

Mt Passaconaway

About time we post something here again. Been long enough. It’s not like we didn’t do anything, but we certainly reduced outings during the pandemic. With both of us being vaccinated now, we are a bit more open to heading out again. The first hike this year was Mt Passaconaway via Dicey’s Mill trail (-> alltrails ) We weren’t sure how our fitness levels would stack up, but it seems we did some things right in terms of working out and it wasn’t actually that bad.


The new season of Diablo kicking off last Friday’s night made us change our routine of hiking on Saturday and instead hiked on Sunday. We have noticed that usually we hit more traffic on Sunday’s compared to Saturday’s and we decided to wake up at 4 AM to see if that would make our drive back better. I think it did, it was not perfect but better than our previous experiences on Sunday’s hikes.

Galehead Mountain

Back on the East Cost, we jumped straight back in and did one more of the missing 4000s: Galehead. Surprisingly enough, it seems the mosquitos were on some other mountain, pestering the hikers there. We had a nice day, no rain, not too warm. Enjoy some pictures:

Nice views on Mt Garfield

This weekend we hikend Mt Garfield. It was a really enjoyable hike. Compared to other hikes in the whites it has a surprisingly little amount of rock scrambles. The trail up was beautiful and mostly in the shade. Albeit a 11.5 mile round trip, it was very enjoyable. Apparently it’s Liz’ new favourite trail now ;) view on top of Mt Garfield

Flume and Liberty May 13th

This past weekend had the perfect weather to be outdoors. Sunny, not warm, not cold. More importantly, almost no mosquitos! We both got a couple of bites though. We decided to check off two more of the 4K footers from the list and hiked Flume and Liberty. We now understand what the fuss is about avoiding the Flume slide trail in wet weather/conditions. At the end of the line we both agreed that it was a good decision to do the loop, totally worth it.

Escaping 4th of July chaos

393 mile(632km) trip to Mtl For this months' traveling we decided to escape the chaos that usually unfolds around the 4th of July celebrations in the US (note, they’re celebrating independence day, i.e. #brexit1776). However, keeping true to our approach of not planning things too thoroughly, we of course failed to realize that our chosen escape area hosted its own set of chaos: Canada150 day and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Visiting Kinsman

This weekend we decided to feed the mosquitos on and around South and North Kinsman a little bit. Beautiful woods and cascading brooks like this: Almost made us forget the really humid and hot weather we had to wade through on our way up. View from North Kinsman Peak South Kinsman Peak Kinsman Pond