Nuevo León

We’ve been spending some time in Mexico, visiting family and traveling around. So here are some random impressions from all over the place:)

Ducati Fun Days in Italy

In a fortunate turn of events, I had the opportunity to participate in the DRE as well as the Ducati Adventure Tour last week. While it certainly was quite hot in Italy during the days (35-40 degrees C), it was still a couple of very enjoyable days. The initial training (DRE) happened in the fields around Castle of Nipozzano. The tour took us a couple of hundred miles through Tuscany. Every day had nice double and single track routes, beautiful scenery, and some fun road riding.

Iceland — Day 1

After arriving in Iceland in the early morning, we picked up our gocamper and headed into Reykjavik for some breakfast. ](P1010351.jpg) Stocking up on some provisions we headed out to drive along the coast to head west a little bit. We stopped a bunch of times of course: ](872A9070.jpg) ](872A9125.jpg) ](P1010396.jpg) ](872A9156.jpg) We ended up at the campsite next to Seljalandsfoss for our first night: ](P1010429.jpg) And actually got to see a little light show in the evening!

Escaping 4th of July chaos

393 mile(632km) trip to Mtl For this months' traveling we decided to escape the chaos that usually unfolds around the 4th of July celebrations in the US (note, they’re celebrating independence day, i.e. #brexit1776). However, keeping true to our approach of not planning things too thoroughly, we of course failed to realize that our chosen escape area hosted its own set of chaos: Canada150 day and the Montreal Jazz Festival.