Mt Washington - again

This time we took some friends up to Mt Washington. It was their first ‘big’ hike, so it was great seeing them experiencing it. We got a little bit of rain towards the end, but hardly even worth putting on a rain coat. Trail on alltrails.

Mt Passaconaway

About time we post something here again. Been long enough. It’s not like we didn’t do anything, but we certainly reduced outings during the pandemic. With both of us being vaccinated now, we are a bit more open to heading out again. The first hike this year was Mt Passaconaway via Dicey’s Mill trail (-> alltrails ) We weren’t sure how our fitness levels would stack up, but it seems we did some things right in terms of working out and it wasn’t actually that bad.

Nuevo León

We’ve been spending some time in Mexico, visiting family and traveling around. So here are some random impressions from all over the place:)

Mt Washington (10/26)

This weekend we finally tackled Mt Washington. While it took us a bit longer than we expected (about 12h round trip). In the end it was a rewarding hike, with some nice views on the way up and down. The top was in clouds… It was interesting to go from high 50s to low 20s and back in a day. This was also our first taste of winter this year, looking forward to skiing!

Colorado - Day 11: Willow Lakes

After some quiet days with a lot of scattered rain, we hiked up to the Willow lakes. It was another 3000ft elevation hike, but we felt a lot better than before. Also the first time we really started in the dark (with headlamps), which was interesting. We didn’t run into any wildlife though. They were probably scared by all the (bow)hunters we saw. Fab trying hiking poles for the first time;)

Colorado - Day 8: Tony

After having a little recovery after the big hike, we did a small loop to Rainbow Lake after work. On the way back on Masontown trail we encountered Tony. Tony was generally friendly and didn’t say much. However, he was also quite adamant about us not continuing on that particular trail. We ended up taking a little detour. In case you’re wondering, this is Tony:

Colorado - Day 6: Walk around Mt Buffalo

On the 6th day we finally did another big hike. We decided to go with a loop around Mt Buffalo ( It ended up being 13.2 miles (21.2km) and 3400ft elevation gain (1036m), since we used a different trail head than in the linked map. We started before sunrise and had really beautiful views on the way up. This time with more pictures of Fab ;) Sunrise through the trees: Sketchy bridges: Mt Buffalo: Fab in front of Mt Buffalo: Looking towards Red Peak: Melting water lakes: Fab taking pictures ….

Colorado - Day 5: Scenic drive and sunset

For the fifth day we decided to do a little exploring in the car. Since it is just a rental car (Kia Sportage), we didn’t want to go on any serious trails. That’s aside from the fact that the Sportage really isn’t equipped to do any interesting offroading anyways. Either way, we found some nice unpaved roads and roamed the rockies for a while. Even within a little bit over an hour driving distance the landscape changed quite a bit from the omnipresent mountains around Dillon.

Colorado - Day 4: Almost Peak 1

On our fourth day in Summit County we decided to try and tackle Peak 1 and the Tenmile peak. Emphasis on ‘try’ as the altitude did beat us in the end we turned around short of Peak 1 summit. Of course not without having enjoyed a lot of great views past Victoria summit. Overall we still managed to do about 3400ft (1036m) of elevation in a little over 6 miles. Definitely felt a lot better compare to our short outing before.

Colorado - Day 3: Mt Evans

On the third day we decided to recover a bit and went for a drive again. The highest paved road in North America is conveniently only about an hour away from Dillon. So we decided to pay Mt Evans a visit. While quite touristy, it still afforded us quite some nice views. At 14,271ft (4350 m) we felt the elevation quite a bit again and we were quite happy we didn’t try to hike it ;) Morning from our cabin: Observatory on top of Mt Evans: Wild mountain goat roaming through the parking lot: Another goat: Melting waters: We better get out of here: