Big Sky

We had a wonderful week in Big Sky. There is a wide range of nice terrain for all levels an a lot to explore. While the lines on the weekend were a bit more, once you got on the lift, the trails were suprisingly open and non-crowded. We definitely want to come here again. Soup-y condiditions. Really weird for your balance The Lone Mountain on one of the cloudy days Sean pondering his line choice The view from the top of the Bowl.

Mt Tremblant

This weekend we drove up to Mt Tremblant for some skiing. We seem to have developed a knack to hit up mountains on their peak tourist days, as apparently they hit 15k visitors on Saturday, which was described by one of the ski patrols as: definitely near all time record. Cars on the lake! Cute little touristy base Having a break :) Moguls!

Glades for everyone

While Saturday was painfully crowded at Stratton, Sunday was actually quite nice. We escaped the ice-ish conditions on the trails by venturing into the woods. A first time for Liz, it turned out to go quite well and no tree were harmed in the experiment.

Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley

On the weekend of the Feb 12th we have a chance to explore the Squaw Valley ski resort a little bit. It was rather crowded, with rumors of them hitting 12000 visitors on that day, which apparently was their biggest of this season so far. It made skiing rather annoying, because there were so many people. The mountain itself was really nice, and on Sunday we had another day there which was much less crowded.

Finally started skiing season

After some delay due to Fab’s healing bones we finally started our ski seaon. Stayed for four days in Sunday River and had a bunch of nice runs :) Even got a little bit of fresh snow (4 inches) and sunshine! Snowboarding was still a bit painful for the foot, but skiing was fine, albeit not quite at 100% yet (so I had to skip the trees for now)