off roading

Ducati Fun Days in Italy

In a fortunate turn of events, I had the opportunity to participate in the DRE as well as the Ducati Adventure Tour last week. While it certainly was quite hot in Italy during the days (35-40 degrees C), it was still a couple of very enjoyable days. The initial training (DRE) happened in the fields around Castle of Nipozzano. The tour took us a couple of hundred miles through Tuscany. Every day had nice double and single track routes, beautiful scenery, and some fun road riding.

Fundy Adventure Rally

This year I went up to the Fundy Adventure Rally in NB. Heading up I decided to use a truck, which ended up being a good thing ;) More on that further down. It was scary driving her up into the truck ;) We had a tremendously fun time exploring the area around Adair’s Wildernis Lodge. deep in the woods exhausting ride in deep sand along the beach but really nice company Marc in the background: Wait, picture first!

Motorcycle shenanigans

This was the weekend of the Berkshire Big Adventure event. So I got together with a bunch of my meetup friends and we drove down there. Unfortunately my gopro batteries got very wet and consequently also very dead. So I don’t have a whole ton of footage, but here are some of the highlights:

Summoning Shadowfax -- DirtDaze2017

Venturing into off road territory was a little bit of an adventure for me. Battling the elements with 200 miles of riding in heavy rain, only to be followed by a couple of days in hot sun and dusty trails. Both physically and mentally challenging days make for a good sleep, even in a small tent. [Nerdy intro, skip if you want: 1.8in (4.67cm) That’s the distance between the knobs on my new off road tires (scorpion rally II).