Mt Washington (10/26)

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This weekend we finally tackled Mt Washington. While it took us a bit longer than we expected (about 12h round trip). In the end it was a rewarding hike, with some nice views on the way up and down. The top was in clouds… It was interesting to go from high 50s to low 20s and back in a day. This was also our first taste of winter this year, looking forward to skiing! We took Glenn Boulder/Davis Path/Crawford Path approach. Some Pictures! 872A2840 872A2853 872A2860 872A2867 872A2871 872A2872 872A2874 872A2879 872A2881 872A2884 872A2886 872A2887 872A2889 872A2891 872A2894 872A2897 872A2903 872A2907 872A2916 872A2917 872A2923 872A2937 IMG 20191026 133639