Colorado - Day 4: Almost Peak 1

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On our fourth day in Summit County we decided to try and tackle Peak 1 and the Tenmile peak. Emphasis on ‘try’ as the altitude did beat us in the end we turned around short of Peak 1 summit. Of course not without having enjoyed a lot of great views past Victoria summit. Overall we still managed to do about 3400ft (1036m) of elevation in a little over 6 miles. Definitely felt a lot better compare to our short outing before. A couple more pictures this time: Morning sun: Day4 CO 1 Gaining some elevation: Day4 CO 2 What much of the trail looked like: Day4 CO 3 Day4 CO 4 More interesting trees: Day4 CO 5 2019 08 31 08 06 42 658 Day4 CO 6 Day4 CO 7 Day4 CO 8 2019 08 31 09 22 20 313 Day4 CO 9 Day4 CO 11 Day4 CO 12 Day4 CO 13 Day4 CO 14 Dillon from our highest point (a stone throw short of Peak 1): Day4 CO 15